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NDK SNB Play 2018

Art.Nr.: 2018770208-000156VAT
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249.95 € * Versandkostenfrei im Inland. Details.

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NDK SNB Play 2018
There’s an old saying out there that goes ‘you only get what you pay for’. Well, most of the
time that holds true but in the case of the Play it proves that there’s always an exception
to the rule. This versatile directional all terrain board combines proven construction with
Nidecker know how to deliver a class leading ride that really does embarrass the competition.
From back country powder stashes, through to charging groomers and playful park laps, this
friendly yet responsive board is the perfect choice for riders new to the sport or for anyone
on a smaller budget.
NDK SNB Play 2018  Länge 162 wide NDK SNB Play 2018 Länge 162 wide
Art.Nr.: 2018770208-000162X
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249.95 €*